Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour at home

We switched off the Main Control Board at exactly 8.30
The kids were running around with flashlight in their hands, putting candles on the tables and lit them.

We then sat on the dining table and chatted and laughed, later on we began singing different songs.
It was a wonderful, different atmosphere. Quiet, cozy, warmed by the dancing lights of the candles. And there were only the sounds of our voices and laughter. Usually there's the sound of the TV or at least the humming noise of the refrigerator.

You know what? We should do this more often. Let our earth take deep breaths more often.

What was also amazing is that the children really enjoyed it. I guess we are going to do this more often...


yunamungil said...

TVnya kok ga dimatiin Pak ? ^^; hehee

Inisiatif yg baik utk ikutan. :)

bentanio said...

wah artikelnya menarik ya

titip lapak ya ... saya bloger pemula pro lingkuyngan