Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Secret

Last night I watched another inspirational movie. It is called 'The Secret'.

It is related to the stuffs I've been reading a lot. Things we have been hearing about like '
positive thinking' or 'the power of the mind' and others. It's a great movie. I cannot really tell you that much about it, except to recommend you to try and find the movie, watch it and do some reflections on your life.

Without me really realising it, I have actually experienced it. Rumah Belajar Semi Palar (Semi Palar Learning House), a school that me and some of my best friends in life has established is just what it is... What was a dream a few years ago, it is now a reality. What we dreamt about now exists. The movie enforces what I believed in. What I need to do is to get this knowledge into a habit of mine... Keep doing it, and keep doing it... I've got nothing to loose anyway.

The link to the website is

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mariniwidowati said...

been there done that... still learning. the secret, love the book also. free yourself from worrying, fear, hesitation and closer to courage, passion and love. this is something you can do to know yourself better.
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celebrate life n may GBU